Download Printable Chain Of Infection Diagram Gif

Download Printable Chain Of Infection Diagram Gif. As described above, the traditional epidemiologic triad model holds that infectious diseases result from the interaction of agent, host, and environment. If the chain is not broken the infectious organism is able to go on to develop disease in another person.


Each link has a unique role in the chain, and each can be interrupted, or broken, through. Infection control and contact tracing are meant to break the chain, preventing a pathogen from spreading.emerging infectious diseases are those the spread of an infection within a community is described as a chain, several interconnected steps that describe how a pathogen moves about. Links in the chain • disease microorganisms (agent).

Cleaning and disinfection of toys.

In this interactive object, learners identify nursing actions that help to prevent the spread of infection. These are the pathogens that cause. The chain of infection is a way of gathering the information needed to interrupt or prevent an epidemic. 6 factors that influence the infectious agent in infecting a human body.


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