38+ Plant Vacuole Diagram Images

38+ Plant Vacuole Diagram Images. Vacuoles are membrane bound, multifunctional organelles found in the cells of plants (including depending on the type of plant, there are different types of vacuoles with specific properties that are. A vacuole is a sphere filled with fluid and molecules inside a cell.

vacuole | Definition, Structure, Function, & Facts ...
vacuole | Definition, Structure, Function, & Facts … from cdn.britannica.com

The different vacuole functions are listed below. The protoplasm is the living part of the cell. Plant vacuoles are multifunctional organelles.

The vacuole is a cell organelle that is present only in plant cells.

Although major morphological differences were recorded. Turgor pressure is the force exerted against the cell wall as the contents of the cell. The primary responsibility of vacuoles is to maintain the turgor pressure in cells. Diagram of a plant cell.


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