12+ Plant Transport Diagram Images

12+ Plant Transport Diagram Images. By free exam academy july 2, 2019 august 25, 2019. The one thing you probably knew about plants before.

Transport in plants 1
Transport in plants 1 from image.slidesharecdn.com

However, it is rather different in several important ways. From roots to leaves c. By a suction force, water and minerals.

Before we go on to learn about the transport systems in plants, we need to first remind ourselves of the tissues of the leaf.

Plants have a transport system, in some ways similar to an animal's blood circulatory system. Glucose made in photosynthesis is then moved to all cells in phloem vessels for respiration. Why do plants need so much water? Polar transport of auxin in plant is not a simple diffusion process in response to a concentration gradient, but it involves the activity of living.


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